Setareh Saeidi (Bijan Mortazavi’s Wife) Biography, Wiki, Age, Kids, Family, Cause of Death, Net Worth 2023

Setareh Saeidi, an Iranian-American lady, did more than just wear fancy clothes and act in movies. She was also known as the wife of Bijan Mortazavi, a big-shot Iranian musician who sang songs and made music. Their love story was like a rollercoaster and had many people talking.

Setareh Saeidi

But life wasn’t always easy for them. They had a big problem with their health that was really tough. It made them very sad, but they didn’t give up. Here are some things you should know about Setareh Saeidi and her life with Bijan Mortazavi.

Setareh Saeidi Wikipedia Profile

NameSetareh Saeidi
Date of BirthSeptember 22, 1983
Age (as of 2023)39 years old
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac SignVirgo

Who is Bijan Mortazavi?

Bijan Mortazavi, a highly skilled violinist and versatile artist hailing from Iran, boasts a rich and varied musical career. Born on November 16, 1957, in Babol, Iran, Mortazavi’s journey with the violin began astonishingly early, at the tender age of three. His musical prowess took root in Tehran, where he received tutelage from some of Iran’s most celebrated violinists. Under their guidance, he honed a multitude of techniques and mastered diverse musical styles.

In 1979, Mortazavi embarked on a new chapter in his life by relocating to the United States. There, he seamlessly blended his passion for music with his pursuit of engineering education at Texas State University. It wasn’t long before he made California his home in 1985, where he embarked on a prolific career as a composer and arranger, crafting enchanting melodies for Iranian pop vocalists.

Simultaneously, he graced the background with his violin, infusing depth into countless musical compositions.

Mortazavi’s magnum opus came to life in 1990 when he unveiled his inaugural album, “Bijan Mortazavi: Magic of His Music and His Songs.” The album quickly soared to the zenith of Persian music charts, establishing itself as the best-selling Persian album of that year. This triumph was a testament to Mortazavi’s exceptional musical talents and his ability to enrapture audiences.

Over the years, Mortazavi’s musical journey has been marked by a series of stellar albums and captivating performances that have captured audiences around the globe. His virtuosity as a violinist and his soul-stirring vocals have left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Mortazavi has shone as a beacon of compassion and philanthropy. He has actively championed various social causes and dedicated himself to humanitarian work, leaving a lasting impact on those in need.

In matters of the heart, Bijan Mortazavi is happily married to Setareh Saeidi, a multi-talented Iranian-American personality who excels in modeling, acting, and producing. Together, they form a dynamic duo, emblematic of passion, talent, and love that transcends borders and cultures.

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Family and Education

Setareh Saeidi came into this world in Los Angeles. Her parents left Iran and came to the United States after the Iranian Revolution. Setareh has two sisters, Sara and Shadi, and all three of them work in the entertainment world.

Setareh had a diverse upbringing, which fueled her love for modeling and acting when she was just a kid. She went to Beverly Hills High School and later wrapped up her studies at UCLA, where she earned a degree in business administration.

Family Details

Based on what I found online, it turns out that Setareh Saeidi came into this world in Los Angeles. Her folks originally hailed from Iran and moved to the United States following the Iranian Revolution. Setareh is not alone in her family; she’s got two sisters named Sara and Shadi, and guess what? They’re all in the entertainment biz.

Career and Achievements

Setareh Saeidi embarked on her journey into the world of modeling when she was just 16 years old. Over the years, she graced the pages of numerous magazines, dazzled in commercials, and left her mark on the runway at various fashion events. Not content with just one talent, she ventured into acting and earned roles in popular TV series and movies like The Bold and the Beautiful, CSI: Miami, The Unit, The Mentalist, and The Persian Connection. In 2016, she even took on the dual role of producer and star in a short film titled The Last Dance.

But it’s not just fame that defines Setareh Saeidi; she’s equally recognized for her heartfelt commitment to making the world a better place. Serving as an ambassador for the Children of Persia Foundation, she actively contributes to humanitarian efforts aimed at helping disadvantaged children in Iran. Additionally, she lends her support to the Women’s Empowerment Foundation, which champions the cause of gender equality and women’s rights.

Relationship with Bijan Mortazavi

In 2014, Setareh Saeidi and Bijan Mortazavi crossed paths at a charitable gathering in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Their hearts connected, and the following year, in 2015, they celebrated their union in a grand and opulent ceremony graced by numerous luminaries and cherished companions.

Bijan Mortazavi, a distinguished Iranian artist, possesses a multifaceted talent encompassing the domains of violin virtuosity, musical composition, singing, and global stage performances. Additionally, he holds a degree in civil engineering from Texas State University.

Interestingly, Setareh and Bijan’s love story features a remarkable 24-year age gap, which stirred quite a bit of discussion among their admirers and the media. Nevertheless, they’ve consistently affirmed the authenticity and strength of their affection.

Together, they’ve embarked on numerous collaborative musical ventures and enchanted audiences with their harmonious performances.

Health Challenges and Death

In August 2023, something really sad happened to Setareh Saeidi while she was on a trip with her husband in Turkey. It was something with her brain called an aneurysm, and she had to have an operation. But after that, she didn’t wake up for a long time; it was like she was asleep, but not the regular kind of sleep. Her husband, Bijan Mortazavi, told a lot of people about it on the internet and asked them to pray for her to get better.

But, you know, sometimes life is just really unfair, and despite all the prayers and hope, Setareh didn’t make it. She passed away in September 2023, and she was just 39 years old. It’s a really sad story, and it reminds us how fragile life can be.

Net Worth

Her net worth was estimated to be around $5 million.

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