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Rosa Amelia Rivera, born on July 3, 1981, is an American TV personality and businesswoman. She used to be the head of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, a company her sister Jenni Rivera started.

Rosa became known in the media after her sister’s passing, but she became even more famous when she started appearing in Spanish reality shows and took control of her sister’s business.

Rosie Rivera

In the later part of 2014, Rosa and her family started showing up in a reality TV series called “Rica, Famosa, Latina.”

In June 2021, Rosa left her position at Jenni Rivera Enterprises. This happened because there were claims that she mishandled the company’s money, as stated by Jenni Rivera’s five children.

Rosie Rivera Wikipedia Profile

NameRosa Amelia Rivera
Birth DateJuly 3, 1981
Age42 years old @ 2023
Birth PlaceCalifornia, U.S
ProfessionBusinesswoman, American television Actress
PartnerAbel Flores
KidsKassandra Rivera, Samantha Chay Flores, ElĂ­as Melek Flores
ParentsPedro Rivera, Rosa Saavedra
Net Worth$7 million

Early Life

Rosie Rivera came into this world as the child of Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera.

Rosie is the younger sister of Latin vocalists like Jenni Rivera (who’s no longer with us), Lupillo Rivera, and she’s also the aunt of the singer Chiquis Rivera.

Her other siblings include Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, and Juan Rivera.

Around 2003, she became a mother to Kassandra with her former partner, Chief. Then, in 2011, she tied the knot with Abel Flores.

The two of them have been blessed with two kids: a daughter named Samantha Chay Flores (born in 2013) and a son named Elias Melek Flores (born in October 2015).

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In 2013, they showed Jenni Rivera’s reality program called I Love Jenni, Season 3 on TV. Jenni Rivera was the main person in the show, and she lived in her sister’s house with her family.

Around the end of 2014, she and her family started being on another reality TV show called Rica, Famosa, Latina.

In February 2016, Rosie Rivera released her first book named My Broken Pieces: Healing from Hurtful Touch through Faith, Family, and Love.

This book talks about the very sad and life-changing time when she was hurt by someone when she was young.

It also tells how her faith and her family’s love helped her get better. My Broken Pieces is the first book Rosie Rivera wrote, and it helped her feel better about her past and gave her strength.

This book also supports and guides others who went through hurtful experiences like hers. Rosie is someone who talks for and is a model to young girls who, like her, were hurt in this way.

She shares her story to make anyone who suffers from hurtful touch feel stronger and less sad.

Personal Life

In 2003, she became a mother to a girl with her former boyfriend, Chief. Then, in 2011, she got married to Abel Flores.

They have two kids now: a girl named Samantha Chay Flores and a boy named Elias Melek Flores. They live in Lakewood, California.

In February 2016, Rosie Rivera, the author, released her first book, “My Broken Pieces: Healing from Hurt through Faith, Family, and Love.” The book talks about Rosie’s personal experience with abuse when she was younger.

She shared how her family’s love and her faith helped her recover from it.

Rosie Rivera is a role model who inspires many young girls. She is known for speaking out against abuse and supporting others.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Rosie Rivera’s wealth amounts to $7 million.

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