Top 10 Richest Gospel Musicians In Kenya & Net Worth 2023

Who is the wealthiest gospel musician in Kenya? When talking about A list musicians in Africa we cannot ignore the fact that Kenyan gospel musicians are on top of their game as far as Africa is concerned.

Gospel music is no doubt one of the most sought for music genre in the world and Africa isn’t left out as Africa seem to be very devoted in religion aspect. The gospel musicians have been cashing out real-time of recent as gospel songs are now appearing in a new dimension raising the interest of most people and this is adding a lot of earnings and respect to those who are into it.

A genre to be proud of as soul-lifting songs are being released day to day and inspirational and spirit-lifting tune which makes you proud of your religion, this has been a very rewarding thing to do and Kenya gospel artist are well rewarded for their efforts.

Various inspirational and lovable songs have been coming out of Kenya recently and this has been spreading through the nooks and crannies of the country even in Africa and beyond Africa. This therefore leaves a question in the minds of fans of gospel music lovers in Kenya as to who the richest gospel artists are and their current net worth.

With the popular saying which we love to use mostly on this blog “to sing is to pray twice”, and as it is, the genre is now so populated with various innumerable gospel singers from Kenya. The majority of Kenya’s A’ list gospel musicians are famous for their songs and unique glorious voices both in Kenya and abroad and are reaping a lot from the goodies of working in the Lord’s vineyard. Most of them make their money from shows outside the shores of the country as their songs help in elevating the soul while giving attributes to Almighty God.

Notwithstanding the numerosity of the songs being released every now and then, we have taken our time to meticulously sieve out the gospel musicians in Kenya that have been releasing high-quality gospel music, most especially the A’ list Kenya gospel artists that have been fairing well and listed in top charts of the best gospel musicians in the world, simply because some of them has been able to add one or two awards to their name.

Do not forget that some grates songs has been released this year and most of them are topping the charts already as they are being streamed all across every music platform like Spotify, Audiomack, Soundcloud, Deezer, YouTube, BandCamp and many others.

Most of Kenya’s gospel songs are sung in Kiswahili and it has been a wonderful thing that most people from other countries do not care as they rock to the melodious rhythm even though the language isn’t understood by them.

Who is the richest gospel musician in Kenya? Who is the richest gospel artist in Kenya? Who is the richest gospel singer in Kenya? Check below as we list the top 10 richest Christian musicians in Kenya with their present net worth included.

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Richest Gospel Musicians In Kenya and Present Net Worth

who is the richest kenyan musician? Here is the full list of the wealthiest gospel artists in Kenya 2023 and their Net Worth with every other fact you need to know about them. See the top 5 Richest Gospel Musicians In Kenya;

#1. Alex Apoko – $7,275,629

Alex Apoko

The numerous award-winning and most famous gospel musician in Kenya Alex Apoko popularly known as “Ringtone” is the richest gospel musician in Kenya as at the time we published this article.

Born in 1994 in Kisii County, Kenya. He has his stories too which one way or the other has paved the way for his success, his mother dumped him when he was young at the doorstep of a bar in the capital city Nairobi and got picked up by his uncle and got raised by his grandmother.

When he came into the limelight, he was able to feature high rated gospel artists like Daddy Owen, Rose Muhando, Ada and also Gloria Muliro with some great collaboration with other artists in Kenya.

Some of Alex Apoko songs are Tenda wema, Jubilation, Ni Yesu tu, Rudi Nyumbani, Wacha Iwe ft. Gloria Muliro, Nakupenda bwana wangu, Wanadamu and This Year ft. Ada to mention just few.

He is the number one attention seeker in Kenya and this seems to be working well for his music career as he has a huge fan base and followers in Kenya and abroad. Apoko is also an entrepreneur so, he isn’t only a musician which validates the facts that he is doing well for himself. Alex Apoko is the wealthiest artist in Kenya currently.

Alex Apoko wealth is so huge he has to announce himself as the richest Kenyan musician, and we attest to this with his assets owning fleets of cars, houses, investments and so on. Alex Apoko net worth is estimated to be around Kshs 800 million which when converted amounts to around $7.2 million.

#2. Linet Munyali – $5,000,000

Linet Munyali Size 8: Richest Kenyan female gospel musician

Clinching the spot No 2 richest gospel musician in Kenya is Linet Munyali popularly known as “Size 8”. Size 8 was born on August 4, 1987, in Nairobi, Kenya capital city. She is a Kenyan singer, songwriter and actress and due to her achievements so far, she is rated as the second richest gospel artist in Kenya which automatically means that she is the richest female gospel artist is Kenya.

As the richest Kenya female gospel artist, Linet Munyali must have started from somewhere, she came into fame from her single “Shamba Boy” and since then Size 8 has been the household name in the mouth of the majority of Kenyan citizens.

Size 8 is now a prolific personality as far as the Kenya gospel music industry is concerned, she is married to DJ Mo (Samuel Muraya) and blessed with two kids Ladasha Wambui and Muraya Junior.

Linet Munyali being the daughter of a clergyman and her mother very devoted to the church added to her success in the gospel music world of Kenya. She was raised in Kenya though her father was from Uganda but her mother was a Kenyan from the Kikuyu tribe.

Size 8 net worth estimate is not made known to the public but we came up with this based on her assets and endorsement deals.

#3. Kevin Bahati – $5,000,000

Kevin Bahati

The third richest gospel musician in Kenya is Kevin Bahati. Full name Kevin Mbuvi Kioko, born in1994 and popularly known as Bahati. Kevin Bahati is an award-winning gospel artist from Kenya. His mother dies when he was at a very young age, Nursery school to be precise and that make his growing up a hard one a she grew up as a street boy.

The gospel music start came into the limelight with various hit songs attributed to him, single songs like Barua, Mama, Mapenzi, Story Yangu and Machozi.

He was raised in an orphanage home from a slum but he was very gifted and he is a very bright child academically.

He has won so many awards to his name and had some mouthwatering endorsements which have elevated him and pitched him among the richest musicians in Kenya.

#4. Lady Wanja – $4,600,000

Lady Wanja

The second richest female gospel musician in Kenya is Lady Wanger, she boasts of over 140 songs with many other gigs added to it. Her full name Ejidiah Wanja, daughter of the late Kenyan music legend Queen Jane, unlike her mom she delved into gospel music.

Her love for gospel music really thrilled music lovers and she has been doing great since she made that bold decision, this has influenced her earnings positively making her net worth huge from sales of her CDs, streamings and also live performance. Lady Wanja’s net worth is estimated to be around $4.6 million.

#5. Willy Paul – $1,500,000

Willy Paul

Wilson Abubakar Radido popularly known as Willy Paul is a Kenyan gospel musician with so much sauce, he was born on the 1st of September 1993. He is one of the best Eastern African gospel musicians and has won many awards to his portfolio.

Wilson Paul is not only known in Kenya or Africa, he has extended his tentacles to Europe and even beyond as far as gospel music could take him. He got most of his earning from live shows both in Kenya and abroad. Willy Paul’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

#6. Rufftone

#7. Esther Wahome

#8. Juliani

#9. Ben Githae

#10. Eko Dyddah

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With the feat the richest gospel musicians in Kenya has achieved, it serves as an encouragement for upcoming gospel musicians in Kenya showing that there are lots of potentials the young artists in Kenya could tap into. The gospel music industry now pays even better than secular music and this is one thing our artists should take note of.

Do you think we have been impartial about our selection? Do you think some Kenyan Gospel musicians are richer than what we projected or otherwise, make use of the comment section and let us know your opinions about the Top Richest Gospel Musicians in Kenya?


Who is the richest gospel musician in Kenya?

Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone is the richest gospel musician in Kenya at the time we published this article.

Who is the richest female gospel musician in Kenya?

Linet Munyali is the wealthiest female musician in Kenya, she is popularly known as Size 8. Size 8 is a songwriter, actress and a gospel musician.

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