Mash Poa Fares, Ticket Booking, Offices & Contacts (Updated)

Mash Poa Fares and Ticket Booking – Mash Poa also known as Mash East Africa Limited appears to be one of the best transport companies in Kenya and East Africa as a whole which is why it goes with the popular name Mash East Africa.

This transport company known to travel across East Africa is widely noted and regarded for its amazing and comfortable services provided to customers, hence, if you are out in search of a super bus company to take you on a refreshing ride across East Africa, Mas Poa would be a great choice to make, while for those who already know about the services of this superb company, I presume you are here to find out the updated Mash Poa Price List for this , and other information, not to worry, we have got you covered right here as we bring you the Mash Poa Fares, Ticket Booking information, Offices and contacts.

This bus company is also known to offer a special treat to customers onboard such as VIP treats just to ensure they get the best traveling experience, but before we go into making a wide-range list of the Mash Poa Fares, Ticket Booking, Offices & Contacts, let’s quickly take a look at what the company is all about.

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About Mash Poa (Mash East Africa Limited)

Mash East Africa Limited (Mash Poa) being one of the best bus companies in Kenya and East Africa was established in the year 2003. The company is known to offer transportation services to passengers across Kenya and other East African Countries via the use of its popular and widely known fleet buses which hold high the name of the company “Mash Poa” or “Mash”.

Mash Poa Fares, Ticket Booking, Offices & Contacts

Following the reviews and testimonies of previous passengers of this bus company, booking a ride with the bus company has been amazing as it provides a thrilling and comfortable ride. The company appears to be a company that cares about the satisfaction of their clients which is why they are widely known today.

However, with the satisfaction of their customers held in high esteem, the company has set up a series of superb structures which ensures the clients of the company are treated politely, hence, offering them a top-notch customer care service.

Getting to know more about the transport company and their buses, we have the company bus fleet to be a well-arranged and comfortable 2 by 2 arrangement style with reclining seats which ensures proper comfort of the passengers on board with enough space for passengers to spread their legs. More also, the buses come with a superb sound system and modern Television sets to ensure that the passengers never get bored of their journey.

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However, Mash Poa Buses aside from providing refreshments just as we stated earlier, the bus company also makes provision for an accessible free Wi-Fi connection for their passengers on board, and while surfing the net with the access of Free Wi-Fi, you get to enjoy the journey in a cool condition with the provision of a well functional Air condition system as well as a tracking system to ensure the safety of their clients.

Mash Poa Services: Parcel Tracking and Delivery

People tend to ask the question “Does Mash Poa Offer Delivery Services?” amazingly, we have the answer to be yes, this company also offers delivery and logistics services aside from transporting passengers across East Africa, and guess what? The company offers their delivery services at a very affordable rate, which means you get to transport parcels and goods to different locations traveled by the bus company without getting to worry about the safety of the goods or parcels and all offered at a very cheap rate.

However, transporting perishable goods is not left out as they have made provisions for refrigerated buses for goods of such kinds, and while you transport your goods with this company, you are also able to track them on the go.

Do you tend to wonder how this is done? Well, the company has the structure well planned out; whenever an order comes in, the company takes up your live location to ensure that there are no mistakes with your address and then delivery is carried out at the fastest pace of time of which some takes less than 24 hours depending on destination.

Having known the services offered by this company, I guess you might be asking how do I get to send a parcel with Mash poa? To send a parcel with one of the best transport services in Kenya known as Mash Poa, you should visit any of their booking offices close to you. Well, now I guess you are wondering where is Mash Poa Offices and how do I get there? We have got you covered. Stay tuned.

Mash Poa Bus Terminal Offices and Contacts

The Mash East Africa Limited is known to have many office branches spread across Kenya and other East African countries of which the company is known to have its headquarters located in Mombasa, Kenya. Let’s take a look at the various Mash Poa offices located near you as well as the Mash Poa Office Contacts.

List of Mash Poa Booking Offices and Contacts in Kenya

Kisumu OfficeCorner off Jomo Kenyatta H.w, Kisumu, Kenya.+254724893-667
Nairobi OfficeAccra Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.+254-718-121-251, +254-713-832-699, +254-722-776-900
Kitui OfficeKitui, Kenya.+254-722-378-056, +254-724-728-470
Malindi officeCasuarina Rd, Malindi, Kenya.+254-733-845-464
Parklands OfficeParklands, Kenya.+254-716-336-661
Belleview OfficeBelleview, Kenya.+254-708-939-319
Nakuru officeNakuri, Kenya.+254-723-667-676
Eldoret OfficeEldoret, Kenya.+254-795-719-073

Mombasa (Headquarters)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 81613 – 80100
Website: or
Telephone: +254708428443

List of Mash Poa Booking Offices and Contacts in Uganda

Kampala OfficeCity Centre, Dewington Rd.+256-775-368-381
Mbale OfficeMbala, Uganda+256-771-277-294

Mash Poa Ticket Booking Methods

As we have the Mash Poa Bus company to be one of the most widely used bus services in Kenya and East Africa, we have a lot of questions coming in, such as How do I book Tickets with Mash Poa; well, there are two ways at which you can book tickets with the bus company which are Office Booking and Online Booking.

The office booking involves you going directly to the physical office address of the company to book a ticket with the company of which you already have the physical addresses of the offices and headquarters listed right above for you, while the online booking involves the use of your ICT gadgets to book tickets at the comfort of your home.  

Since you already have Mash Poa Offices addresses and contacts, let’s quickly take you through the Mash Poa Ticket Booking online method.

Mash Poa Online Ticket Booking

With the aid of modern technology, the company has been able to provide easy access for their customers to book tickets online with easy steps in the comfort of their homes. Tag along as we take you step by step for the Mash East Africa Limited Online Ticket Booking.

  • Launch your browser (preferably Chrome)
  • Visit the Mash Poa Online Booking Portal via
  • Input your traveling details which include your Departure Location, Destination, and Dates in the spaces provided on the portal.
  • You can also Input a date for a returning ride which implies you are booking a ticket for leaving and returning if your wish.
  • Tap the Search button provided to choose a seat of your choice.
  • Tap the view seat button option to check the list of available seats left.
  • Choose your preferred seat (Note: Each seats has different color, prices, and number of which a yellow seat indicates that you are choosing  a VIP seat, Green indicates you are choosing a Business class seat, Blue seat indicates regular seats, while the grey seat signifies the seat has already been booked.
  • Select the seat you prefer and it immediately turns red and the price for the seat is displayed.
  • Proceed to make payments with your Card and when your payment is successful, hold a copy of the ticket.

Mash Poa Fares

Now that you know how to successfully book a ticket with Mash Poa, let’s get you the updated Mash Poa price list, but before we dive right into the price list, you should note that the price list of this bus company varies depending on the type of bus section or seat you prefer.

However, it is important that you know the VIP seats are the most expensive seats for the Mash Poa Bus company, followed by the business class seat, and the least which is the Regular seat.

Mash Poa Updated price List with their destinations

Mash Poa Fares For VIP

  • From Nairobi to Mombasa — KES 3,500
  • From Nairobi to Kisumu — KES 3,500
  • From Mombasa to Migori — KES 3,500
  • From Mombasa to Mumias — KES 3,500
  • From Malindi to Nairobi — KES 2,500
  • From Mombasa to Nakuru — KES 3, 500
  • From Mombasa to Busia — KES 3, 500

Mash Poa Fares For Business Class

  • From Nairobi to Mombasa — KES 3,200
  • From Mombasa to Migori — KES 3,200
  • From Mombasa to Mumias — KES 3,200
  • From Mombasa to Kitui — KES 2,000
  • From Malindi to Nairobi — KES 2,300
  • From Mombasa to Nakuru — KES 3,200

Mash Poa Fares For Regular

  • From Nairobi to Mumbasa — KES 2,800
  • From Nairobi to Kisumu — KES 3,000
  • From Mombasa to Migori — KES 2,800
  • From Nairobi to Kisumu — KES 2,800
  • From Mombasa to Kitui — KES 1,900
  • From Malindi to Nairobi — KES 2,000
  • From Mombasa to Nakuru — KES 2,800
  • From Mombasa to Busia — KES 3,000


How can I book tickets with Mash Poa?

You can book Tickets with Mash Poa either via their online booking portal or their physical addresses all listed above.

How much does Mash Poa Transport service cost?

The cost varies according to your destination and preferred seats, check above for more information.

Does Mash Poa Offer Delivery Services?

Yes, Mash Poa offers secure and reliable parcel and goods delivery services across east Africa, you can reach their office branches for more information.

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Mash East Africa Limited is noted for their secure and comfortable transport services which are considered one of the best in Kenya Transport industry and East Africa as a whole, however, the company has further made things easier for their customers by creating an easy online access platform to make the booking of tickets easy.

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