Fix Yoast Noindex Tag from Your Wordpress Blog RSS feed

This is a very big problem that has been existing for a very long period and it seems this “noindex” issue won’t be fixed by Yoast Plugin developers so it is better one make a manual fix.

According to google webmaster, I discovered most of my posts were not indexed, especially my feed. Then I ran a URL inspection and discovered the issue is related to “X-Robots-Tag:  Noindex detected”.

You can make use of this tool (SEO BOOK) to check your URL too, it gives you details about your noindex and nofollow status.

I made a search via the google search engine and discovered the issue is from my Yoast plugin.

Also, people were not able to get a fix as questions asked were not given attention by the developers.

I also go to my Yoast plugin, on search appearance to enable visibility for search engines, they are all enabled by default.

The error code goes thus; “Indexing allowed? No: ‘noindex’ detected in ‘X-Robots-Tag’ http header”.

I then decided to play with the Yoast plugin codes a little of which I eventually got a fix after spending much time debugging.

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How To Fix Yoast Noindex Tag from Your Blog RSS feed

  • Login to your Cpanel/File-manager.
  • Then navigate to /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/frontend.
  • Edit “class-frontend.php” on line 1345, delete the code below.

if ( ( is_feed() || is_robots() ) && headers_sent() === false ) {

  • Then paste this code on that same line, make sure there’s no error.

// if ( ( is_feed() || is_robots() ) && headers_sent() === false ) {
if (is_robots() && headers_sent() === false ) {

Then save, go back to your google URL inspection and recheck then google would give you a  green mark telling you it is now indexing check the “LIVE TEST” section.

Note: If need arise for you to update your Yoast SEO plugin, you have to re-modify as we’ve just done.

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