20+ Business Ideas Women Can Start in Ghana (2023)

Ghana is ranked as the most stable political environment within the West African sub-region and is a viable place for Businesses to thrive since Ghana has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Coupled with its sound and stable political system, Ghana has also become a linchpin for individuals seeking to launch their businesses into the West African sub-region.

We have different business ideas women can start in Ghana, so what you need to do as a woman is to find your niche. What do I mean by Niche? A niche is a business idea that you believe in your mind will be comfortable or suitable for you to venture into.

With the above opening obvious remarks, Ghana has become an attractive country for investment through established corporate entities. To that extent, individuals seeking to start a company in Ghana need to be abreast with the processes and procedures.

20+ Business Ideas Women Can Start in Ghana

Starting a business in Ghana requires undertaking a meticulous step coupled with sound legal advice from a knowledgeable corporate attorney in the industry.

What kind of business Can A Woman start?

Here is the list of business ideas for women, which is prepared by doing research and analyzing the market:

Are you wondering whether there are any options on how to start your own business with no money? If that is the case, there are several options that you can try out and make money out of with little or no capital. These are some of the home business ideas with low startup costs or no startup cost;

20 Business Ideas in Ghana for Women

1. Bakery Business

Starting a bakery Business in Ghana is something you can run at the comfort of your home, especially if you are good at baking. This is one of the most lucrative ventures to try out while at home.

2. Restaurant Business

A full blown restaurant Business idea will require a lot of capital to begin but being in this venture does not mean that you should start an actual full blown restaurant. You could make good use of your cooking skills by preparing food at home and delivering it to specific places at a fee. This venture is a steal, especially since you get paid for the delivery services as well as the cost of the food.

3. Poultry Business

Poultry keeping is one among the foremost profitable businesses. It doesn’t essentially need any qualification, however basic information. All you need may be a put aside place in your home wherever you’ll rear the poultry and once they’re mature; you’ll sell them at a profit.

4. Beekeeping

Are you settled within the areas that have the potential of supporting apiculture in South Africa? you’ll undertake apiculture and earn yourself some smart cash. All it takes is conducting an in depth background check on the viability of the venture within the space wherever you’re set.

5. Childcare Business

Turning your home into childcare may be a money-making business plan for an occupied home mum. It doesn’t need any special experience but a feeling for young youngsters.

6. Home Tutoring

Are you an occupied-home mum with a winning academic background? If thus, you’ll flip your tutorial qualifications into a moneymaking venture. you’ll supply tutoring services at your home. you’ll flip your home into a tutoring center and invite the children over for categories at a fee.

7. Bookshop

As a stay-at-home mum, you’ll begin your shop right in your house. you’ll sell books and letter paper as you accumulate the funds to expand your venture.

8. Tailoring

If you’re smart at bobbing up with the most effective styles and stitching them, you’ll faucet into the chance that the style trade has created. you’ll build your whole out of your creative thinking. Consistency is vital during this venture. Another factor that creates this venture additional viable is the incontrovertible fact that you’ll do it in the comfort of your home

9. Card creating

If you’re a clever occupy-home mum, you’ll utilize your ability to create card and sell them at a profit.

10. Doll creating

Stay-at-home mums may conjointly observe use of the time that they need to have interaction in profitable ventures like creating dolls. These dolls can be created out of material and switch dead set be distinctive.

11. Jewelry Business

You could conjointly run a jewelry business. you’ll get silver and gold jewelry in bulk and sell them at a profit, whereas reception. you’ll conjointly build beaded jewelry and sell them.

12. Bag Making

As a occupy home mum, you’ll build a dime out of bag creating. the key to the current venture is making certain that you simply build quality and distinctive merchandise and with no time, you’ll establish your whole.

13. Hat Making

If you’re when a business that would generate some coins while not being too exacting, you’ll venture into hat creating. This venture isn’t fastened right down to occupy home mums alone. you’ll conjointly produce some time beyond regulation to create some additional coins.

14. Shoe repairing Business

The demand for shoes can perpetually be there. {you may|you’ll|you may} procure the specified items of kit and with the proper coaching build shoes that you simply could sell at a profit.

15. Crotchet Knitting

This is one among the foremost moneymaking business opportunities, particularly since the demand for crotchet items keeps on growing bit by bit. you’ll observe use of your ability to knit to earn a fortune.

16. Web Design

If you’ve got the fundamental information of HTML committal to writing, copyrighting, and graphic style, you may build cash out of planning websites. this can be one in every of the foremost viable business ideas for college students.

17. Graphic style

If you’re smart at graphics style, you may implement your information and earn out of it. this can be another possible business plan for college students.

18. Changing into A broker

If you like traveling, you may flip it into a profitable business. you may become a broker and watch your complete grow.

19. Content making

With the rise within the variety of internet sites, there’s a relentless demand for content creation. you may observe use of your creative thinking to come back up with content for websites and earn out of it. this can be one in every of the foremost profitable starts up business ideas to do out.

20. Redaction Business

Besides freelance content creation, one might conjointly work as an Associate Nursing editor, it is one of the most reputable business ideas women can start in Ghana. You may work in the reception either onsite or remotely.

Which business is best for Women at home?

Here’s our pick of the top 7 business ideas for women at home in Ghana

  • Start Bakery Business
  • Become a Yoga Trainer
  • Start Day Care Service
  • Become a Career Counsellor
  • Become Home Tutor
  • Become a Content Writer
  • Become an Image Consultant

Steps Involved in Business Registration in Ghana 

After creating a succinct business plan, the next implementation process is the registration process. Below are the essential business registration steps in Ghana:

  1. Develop a Business Plan from your ideas or goals
  2. Get your Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  3. Register your business at the Registrar General’s Department
  4. Open a Business Bank Account
  5. Apply for Business Operating Permit from the Metropolitan /Municipal / District Assembly
  6. Register for Social Security

What business sells fast in Ghana?

One important thing to consider when developing your business idea and plan is to check the viability and prospects of the business you have chosen to start. This can be achieved through market surveys to know people’s choices and biases about that business. 

The truth is, some businesses sell faster than others in Ghana and this should be a very key factor in determining the type of business to venture into.

Fashion and clothes retail businesses sell fast in Ghana. Every day, People change their clothes, people wish to stay with the trends of the season and so venturing into that industry is a big hit. These clothes retailing businesses have proven to be one of the top fast-moving items to sell in Ghana.

Also, Food and restaurants also sell faster in the business industry in Ghana. Food remains an essential commodity that people can’t survive with and hence, starting a food-related business is something that will thrive and become successful because of the daily consumption of food by people. 

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How do I become a female entrepreneur?

Success in entrepreneurship as a lady is paramount as the saying goes: what a man can do, a woman can do better. For women who intend to achieve success in their Entrepreneurship career, the first barrier to overcome is a ‘I can’t do it mindset’. When this is done, you can read my 15 Tips On Becoming a Successful Female Entrepreneur:

  • Never Stop Learning
  • Always Be Committed
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
  • Know Where to Focus Energy and Time
  • Learn How to hold Yourself Accountable
  • Never Fear asking for Help
  • You have to Believe in Yourself Before anyone else will
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Empower Those Around You
  • Don’t Forget to Develop Branding Yourself
  • Learn From Mistakes

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