Bonny Way Motors Price List; Online Booking, Terminals & Contacts

Are you in urgent need of Bonny Way Motors Price List or Bonny Way Terminals close to you? This article focuses on one of Nigeria’s most cost-effective and dependable transportation agencies that satisfy international standards.

We’ll go over Bonny Way Motors history, ticketing, safety precautions, why you should use Bonny Way Motors, services provided, reliability, terminals and parks, transportation pricing list, and commonly asked questions.

If you board a rickety or poorly maintained bus/car, you can only expect to be exceedingly uncomfortable. In fact, if something goes wrong during the trip, it could be worse than a nightmare.

As more transportation businesses arise in Nigeria, transportation has taken on a more premium appearance. What is the reason for this? This is due to the fact that Nigeria is a relatively huge country with Africa’s largest population.

Many individuals need to go from one location to another for a variety of reasons, and this can only happen if they have access to transportation. Within Nigeria, there are numerous modes of transportation available, including air, road, train, and water.

In Nigeria, vehicle transportation is the most prevalent and efficient of these four modes of transportation. So, how could the road transportation industry fail to thrive?

Bonny Way Motors is one of the best transport companies in Nigeria and also one of the most well-known and largest transportation companies dedicated to providing comfortable and luxury rides at affordable pricing.

As a transportation company, Bonny Way Motors prioritizes client satisfaction through safety, promptness, and effective service delivery.

Thinking of giving Bonny Way Transport a try? Possible you have the following questions and seeking answers:

  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to Abuja?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Abuja to Lagos?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to Port Harcourt?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to the East?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to Aba?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to Anambra?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to Warri?
  • Is Bonny Way Motors good?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to Kano?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Owerri to Abuja by bus?
  • How much is Bonny Way Motors from Lagos to Enugu?
  • How do I book Bonny Way Motors online?
Bonny Way Motors

Whichever question you may have in mind which brought you here we will give an answer to it, just stick with us as we give you details about Bonny Way Motors price list, terminal locations, bookings e.t.c.

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About Bonny Way Motors

Just by telling from the name, Bonny Way Motors was founded by Chief Boniface Nwachukwu on the 4th day of June 1998 with its headquarters situated at No. 92, Bale Street, Orile, Iganmu, provides safe, secure, and high-quality transportation services at reasonable prices.

Bonny Way Transport, like many other top transport companies in Nigeria is one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria that allows people to schedule a journey online from the convenience of their own homes.

Bonny Way Motors, one of Nigeria’s premier transportation firms, after its incorporation on June 4, 1998, has expanded to include a variety of services. Interstate and intercity transportation, warehousing, haulage, and courier services are just a few of the options available.

All employees are trained on a regular basis in the course of their work to keep their skills up to date and to improve their performance.

Furthermore, staff are sufficiently motivated and have absorbed the company’s objective of high-quality service in equal measure.

Why Choose Bonny Way Motors?

For quite a number of years, the company has carved out a specialty in customer service interactions, always keeping in mind the customer’s role in the company’s overall corporate and marketing goal. The organization believes in rewarding customers for their contributions to the company’s success.

Bonny Way Motors takes the risk of claiming that we are the traveler’s first choice on all of our routes, which however is true.

Services Rendered by Bonny Way Motors

Below are Bonny Way Motors services:

  • Inter-state services
  • Inter-city services
  • Courier services
  • Haulage services
  • Warehousing

Inter-state services

Bonny Way Motors assists in the transportation of individuals and cargo between states. This simply means they transport commuters from one state to the other e.g from Lagos to Port Harcourt.

Inter-city services

They also help to convey passengers and goods from a location in a particular state to another location in the same state.

Courier and Haulage services

On behalf of their clients, Bonny Way Motors also provides professional and dependable courier services. They help deliver goods to people.


They also assist in the storage of goods that will be dispersed later.

Bonny Way Motors Terminals

Do you have any issues with the services provided by Bonny Way Motors? Or perhaps you’d like to enquire about the transport company’s services? You can contact any of the Bonny Way transportation contacts listed below.

Head Office

Address: 21, Otto Causeway, Opp. Leventis Building, Ebute-metta, Lagos State.
Telephone: 08033286521

Bonny Way Motors, Jos

Address: 4A, Kashim Ibrahim Street, P.O Box 6388, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
Telephone: 07040624273
Address: Jos Office 13, Zaria By-Pass, Jos, Plateau State.

Bonny Way Motors, Kaduna

Address: Kaduna Office Mando Park, Kaduna

Bonny Way Motors, Kano

Address: Kano Office New Road, General Park, Sabogeri, Kano State.

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Bonny Way Motors Price List

For personal reasons, Bonny Way Motors has not publicly released the majority of its prices as of yet. Please contact their Head Office for further details regarding that. Also, once they have a stable price list we will update that on this post – see how to book a ticket with Bonny Way below.

Bonny Way Motors Booking

A ticket is required to travel with Bonny Way Motors. What is the purpose of this ticket? The ticket acts as proof of payment, and it contains information on the traveler as well as the destination. What is the procedure for obtaining this ticket?

In spite of being one of the greatest transportation firms in Nigeria, Bonny Way Motors has not been technologically-inclined. That is to say, they do not have their own websites and do not publish a lot of information about themselves on the internet. It’s possible that this is done in their best interests. As a result, it can be determined that online booking options for passengers may not be available.

To begin your adventure with Bonny Way Motors, you must first visit one of their offices, the address of which is listed under the contact information on their terminals. Visit one of their terminals and ask to talk with the manager of whichever department you’re in. Only then will you be given instructions on how to travel with them.

Points to Note About Bonny Way Motors

  • It does not have a strong web presence.
  • Bonny Way is one of Nigeria’s oldest and most reputable transportation firms.
  • Bonny Way provides excellent customer service.


What is Bonny Way Motors known for?

Bonny Way Motors is known for providing excellent services to people and has been doing this for years.

How long has Bonny Way Motors been in existence?

Bonny Way Motors has been in existence for over 23 years now.

Is Bonny Way Motors reliable?

Yes, Bonny Way Motors is reliable. Client satisfaction, as well as passengers’ comfortability, are their primary motives.

What services does Bonny Way Motors render?

1. Inter-state services
2. Inter-city services
3. Courier services
4. Haulage services
5. Warehousing

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Most of the common inquiries about Bonny Way Motors should have been answered in this post. Here is the information regarding their headquarters in case you missed it in the story.

Address: 21, Otto Causeway, Opposite Leventis Building, Ebute-metta, Lagos State.
Telephone: 08033286521

Do you have any questions bothering you about Bonny Way Motors transport price list or other services? Kindly make use of the comment box below and we will respond swiftly to your questions.

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  1. Your handling of items (courier services) is very poor.
    Imagine sending a broken item, with no means of paying for damages.
    Handle this or face the consequences.

  2. Bonny way have disappointed me for the second time,, traveling from jos to Lagos,was heal,the macapolo was filled with attachments that u barely can breath well,no where to place your leg….

  3. I have never used you Courier And Haulage Services before, but my first time am using it makes me regrate it. Because of incompetent staff and services especially the staff called FACE with phone number 0817 164 7882 from Abuja. He was so rude to customers, pride and incompetent and also a criminal that’s not supposed to work in such a public environment. Please I would like you to sanction him and release him of his duties there so as not to spoil your reputation of what you’ve build for over 23 years. Thanks

  4. Good evening sir…am so disappointed…this my first time following Bonny way motor n am regretting it already,the don’t hv fix price..I paid #12500 for night bus…my next sitmate paid #7000….some paid #8000…am so angry cus that was d only money with me…not happy

  5. Traveling to the east from their Jibowu office has been hell for me, the bus has spoilt multiple times and it’s finally not moving anymore. We have been stuck at ondo state for hours and the customer care agent with this number was so rude and insultive while I was trying to explain the reason I called and he even hung up on me0706 744 2533 akpan udauk. It’s my first time with the company and definitely the last ever.

  6. Bonny ways
    It’s a shame that logistics business lack total integrity. My goods have been on the road since 22 of December till today. The man is so rude. There’s perishable in the good, when it spoil, we will meet in court.
    From Lagos to Zaria it’s 8days now and still counting. This is the first time
    and last.

  7. This is my first time using Bonny way and I’m regretting already cause of your terrible customer service, can you imagine your staff raising his voice at a customer? It’s either you fix this or it’ll cause problems to you guys!

  8. This is a useless transport comport that should be dragged to court to face the consequences of their actions. Passengers have been on the road for 3 days after breakdown of bus and nobody cares about the safety of passengers who are in the middle of nowhere, without food and money and with little children yelling at the top of their voices.
    This is heartlessness and wickedness on the part of the management and they must pay for it.


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